If you suffer with long term back pain or regular back pain episodes, low back pain management will:


·         In most instances reduce or get you pain free

·         Improve functional movement

·         Improve your quality of life and wellbeing

·         Offer support and reassurance

·         Show you how to manage your pain with a personal programme of exercise

·         Strengthen and re-condition your back

·         Improve Core Stability

·         Improve posture and address muscular imbalances that may lead to pain

·         Be fun and enjoyable


I am trained as a Level 4 Specialist Instructor in the management of low back pain. 

Level 4 courses for fitness professional are approved by National Occupational Standards and Skills Active.  The Premier Training course I have studied has also been approved by industry experts in the area of low back pain.  I am qualified to work in the GP referral process and with other health professions such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.


I offer a FREE CONSULTATION when you can talk about your pain and what you want to achieve.  I will then be able to explain how I will be able to help you.   
Call me now to arrange your free consultation on 01323-896600.



Advice and Education for people with persistent Low Back Pain


·         Movement is good for the back and is likely to help pain

·         Regular simple painkillers can help manage pain (advice should be sought from a doctor or pharmacist or follow instructions on the packet)

·         A cold or hot pack might be useful to help relieve the pain in the short-term

·         Do not sit or stand in one position for too long; change position often

·         Get up and walk about to avoid stiffening up

·         Take regular breaks, when driving or sitting

·         Always remember that the structures in the back are strong

·         It is important to stay active and continue as normally as possible

·         Movement will help speed up recovery

·         Getting back to work (or normal activity) can help faster recovery

·         Walking and swimming are good forms of regular exercise


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