I have been training with Abs Personal Training for over 5 years.  Claire Ori is an outstanding trainer who provides a hugely varied programme each week and training sessions that are full of energy and encouragement.  Not only this but, despite the hard work, they are great fun too.  Claire clearly loves what she does and works extremely hard to ensure that she tailors her programmes to suit my objectives as well as providing general advice about exercise and diet.  I have not stuck with any one exercise regime for this long and cannot imagine myself finding another trainer who can keep me focused and engaged in the same way I am now.  I cannot recommend Claire and Abs Personal Training highly enough.    Heidi 2017

Hi Claire

As the year end approaches, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am to you for giving me the motivation and drive to achieve one of my main goals for 2015.  My first PT session with you was on 19th March and a review after ten weeks.  I had achieved the fitness level beyond my expectations and shed a stone plus a couple of pounds.  Ten further sessions and now a PT session once a month, combined with two of your amazing Kettlecise/Boxercise classes a week, ensured this was maintained.You also provided me with home workouts to do with an instruction CD as I am a full time working mum and this allowed me to fit in exercise when there is not enough hours in the day.

You are a crazy lady, fun, kind and a very giving person to so many; not to mention the enormous amount of fund raising you do for charity.   Thank you Claire, well done on your successful ten years in the business, happy Christmas and see you on 5th Jan 2016!


Nicky  (2015)


'I was recommended to Claire by a friend six months ago when I realised my weight had crept up and all I felt was lethargic and unfit. Claire was very friendly and approachable from the start when I arrived at one of her bootcamp classes. Following a few of these classes I decided to go for PT sessions with her, Claire took my stats, devised a healthy plan for me to follow and suggested a goal to work towards. Each PT session does test you, I am always just taken out of my comfort zone and just as you feel you have mastered a technique, Claire will up the game. She encourages and supports you throughout and has the patience of a saint!  Both group and PT sessions are fun and never the same routine/work. I suffer with a dodgy back but with Claire's background knowledge (she knows what she's talking about), I have managed to get fit, lose weight (81k to 69k, size 16 to 12) and strengthen this problem area in my back. I have a new outlook on healthy lifestyles whilst still enjoying those naughty temptations. I feel energised, am very rarely ill and loving the new me. I have achieved my first goal and shall be staying with Claire for her support to reach my next goal.'       Nicole 2014


In late 2011 I decided I wasn’t happy with my body, having struggled to lose weight on and off for most of my adult life I decided something had to change. So I googled personal trainers in Seaford having heard that this could be a solution. Claire offered me a free consultation and we met a few days later…. my first shellshock came when Claire informed me I was actually 2 stone over weight (I previously believed I needed to lose 7 pounds!!!!)  Once I had recovered, Claire talked through a high intensity programme which when followed with a specific diet would achieve my goal within 12 weeks. This sounded great then she told me the price……. roughly £375! Internally I struggled with the investment in myself even though I would have spent £375 on other treats/possessions for myself in a heartbeat but not on my OWN body??….after much thought I bit the bullet and paid the cash. I can honestly say it was one of the best investments I have ever made…… Claire is not a good trainer, not a very good trainer, she is exceptional….I lost my 2 stone within the timeframe discussed, it wasn’t easy and I had to put the work in, but I thought Claire’s approach and drive in helping me achieve my goals was incredible. I enjoyed the sessions so much we know work together teaching other people how to lose weight. I will always be grateful I met Claire and if you’re at the crossroads of your weight loss battle I suggest you call her.    James 2012




I had been overweight for as long as I can remember and up until the point of my son being born it didn’t really bother me that over the years I had gradually gained over 8 stone in excess weight.  So when my son was born I knew something had to change as I wanted to be able to do all the things that slim healthy dads could do. My best friend Jamie Usher had lost over 2 stone working with Claire and gave me a consultation with her, and the rest is history I have now lost over 6 stone and am on target to hit my ideal weight by xmas.   Chris - 2012





Before moving to East Sussex I had  no personal exercise routine since leaving school and that was many years ago.  I was introduced to Claire and her Exercise classes by a work colleague.  Since that introduction I have been attending and exercising with Claire for 6 years doing on average 5 hours a week. Her extensive knowledge means classes are always fun, energetic, varied and dynamic, and you go home feeling great.  Claire is an enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, informative, professional and giving Personal Trainer, Instructor and person.  She has a very caring and personal touch to teaching/instructing either in class or on a one to one basis.   I know I am a fitter, stronger and a more confident person all thanks to her and I highly recommend Claire as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Instructor.  Diane 2012




"I visited a few PTs before I found one that could give me what I wanted from my workout. Traditional exercise was not helping. I went to Abs Training "to get back into shape" as I suffer from extremely tight muscles (fibromyalgia) which were limiting my range of movement and affecting my general fitness. I wanted a serious hands-on approach, not just another gym workout. I want to be pushed and challenged. In addition to being a Personal Trainer, Claire's background in corrective exercise means I now need only my session with Abs; whereas before I was seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist and PT! Alot of money to still feel stiff!  And, although it is hard work, Claire makes it fun!"

I would like to share with you my experience of Abs Personal Training and my personal trainer, Claire Ori.  For Christmas 2008 I had an unexpected gift from my Fiancé; one to one Personal Training.  I had been going on for months that I wanted to lose weight and get fit after having my baby, but could not find the motivation or drive to get me started.  On meeting Claire for the first time and in the initial consultation we discussed my goals, diet and exercise.  I left the meeting already feeling inspired, focused and very happy with my Fiancé for choosing such a fab present. From then on, each week I have met with Claire who is fun, extremely knowledgeable and professional in what she does and slightly mad!  I also attend her exercise classes which are also great fun but be prepared to work hard!!  Not only in four months have I reached my goal weight, my fitness has increased twofold and we have also been able to improve my posture.  I feel great, clothes fit how I want them to and I am doing something for me.  I am thrilled of what I have been able to achieve in such a short apace of time but it is because of Claire’s guidance and inspiration that made this happen.  Claire is also delighted of what I have achieved because she genuinely cares about all her clients.  This testimonial gives me an opportunity to say a great big thank you to Claire; I would recommend my experience of Abs Training to everyone!!


Nicky Hughes from Seaford, June 2009



‘I have always hated sport and exercise and I started Claire’s classes thinking I would just do it for a month! Within the first six weeks Claire had changed my attitude to exercise, making it challenging but fun with achievable goals.   Claire is knowledgeable and focused on each individual she trains.   18 months after starting, I am fitter than I have ever been and still love training with Claire!!’            


Nicky Walker   - 16/5/07    


Kristina Bradford, 21 - I am a   full time secretary and singer so finding   the right motivation in my little time to keep in shape has been hard until now!! After losing my enthusiasm for the gym I decided to try Claire's class   at the end of April and have never felt so great! Claire has inspired all of us   and   takes the time to recognize   eveyones individual needs. The classes are brilliantly set out   with routines to keep you motivated and really do work you out!! Keep up the good work Claire!!              

Kristina   is a talented performer and singer   and has been kind enough to allow me to use her songs in my classes so please check out her website at www.myspace.com/kristinabradford       Check out the photo gallery to see Kristina



I have been training with Claire for about a year now after seeing an article about her in the newspaper. Prior to this I had always liked to exercise but I had a couple of problems with my neck and back which were so painful that I gradually reduced my exercise down to just walking the dogs.   Claire has completely altered the way I eat and think about food and yo-yo dieting along with the low carbohydrate diets have been replaced with a good healthy eating plan. My weight is now slowly slipping downwards and I have plenty of energy for my long weekends when I put in long hours and I haven’t had a cold since I started with her. I can only highly recommend her services to you and if you want to do one great thing for yourself do get in touch with her. She will undoubtedly change your life for the better. Good Luck!       (Yvonne – Personal Training Client) 15/05/08



I’ve always been a person with little confidence therefore making excuses not to join in!     Then there came a point in my life when I knew I had to try and change. I was unfit, very low and always tired.     I know it sounds silly but making the first move to join Claire’s classes was a big deal for me. I suppose that’s why I want to share a little of how good that decision was for me.   Meeting Claire is an absolute inspiration to us all. She’s living proof that we are all able to take more control of our lives not only physically but mentally and have so much fun whilst doing it.     Needless to say I am fitter, stronger, more confident and the ‘feel good’ factor after Claire’s classes is priceless. Challenge yourself –I did! It’s great! Thanks Claire. Denise B.   2008

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